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Great News: APwin v2015 final now available. Supports both Alybadix and Popeye!!! Many Thanks to Paul H. Wiereyn (NL) for this tremendous work!!!

Free APwin v2015 + Popeye.  (Huge collection of 684911 problems! (Updated 2015-11-11!)

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"My categorically opinion about Ilkka Blom`s  ALYBADIX – only this phantastic program has the speed of the new XXI century!
It is an irreplaceable
helper for every composer!"   IGM Petko Petkov, Sofia, III.2004.
(IGM PetkoPetkov has the leading 333,5 Fide Album points. Please click here for more info about Fide Album points!)

Alybadix v. 2010 is available! Please see below!

Free Alybadix NTFSBOOT-CD/DVD (New! Test your system compatability and dos booting. The newest Alybadix demo 2010.02 included! (Updated 2011-12-28!)

Alybadix Demo solving program v. 2010 is now ready for free download!!! (Updated 2010-06-18! )

Alybadix 2010 compatability with DOS / Windows
  (Updated 2010-12-09!) 

Click here for info about Aly-USB 2010 and Aly-SD 2010 (Updated 2011-02-18! )

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Click here for the error list of Fide Albums 1914-1997   (Updated 2010-12-12!) 

Click here for Record problems and AlyRec-CD   (Updated 2005-03-16!)

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   (Updated 2005-03-16!) 

Click here for more info about AlyBase and Alybase FAS 7   (Updated 2010-12-12!)

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Contents of this page:

1. Contents of Aly-CD 2010, Aly-USB 2010 and Aly-SD 2010
2. Price-list 2010
3. The ways to pay the Alybadix order
4. New features in Alybadix 2010
5. New features in Alybadix 2005
6. New features in Alybadix 2004
7. New features in Alybadix 2003
8. New features in Alybadix 2002
9. New features in Alybadix 2001
10. Chess links

1. Contents of Aly-CD 2010, Aly-USB 2010 and Aly-SD 2010

-Alybadix Demo 2010 (free demo, solves short problems only, DOS)
-AP.EXE 2010 (Alybadix solving machine, DOS)
-APwin v2011 or newer (Windows front for Alybadix by Paul H. Wiereyn) (new!)
-AlyBase 2010 (chess database program, DOS)
-Alybase FAS 7 (chess problem database of 18 Fide Albums 1914-1997 with solutions)
-Huge chess problem collection (>500 000 problems in Alybadix text format)
DOSBox 0.74 or newer (enables AlyBase working under Win Vista/7, Windows)
-GSview 4.9 and Ghostscript 9.00 or newer (for high quality printing, Windows)
-Graphic Workshop 1.1 (famo
us graphics program, Windows)
-EditPad Lite 6.6.4 or newer (great plain text editor, Windows)
Scacchi Painter 2 or newer (chess database, printing and solving program by Francesco (new!)
 Simoni and Gabriele Brunori. Uses included Popeye as solving engine, Windows).

2. Price-list 2010

Aly-CD 2010:................................................. 160 EUR
Aly-USB 2010:................................................ 170 EUR
Aly-SD 2010:................................................. 170 EUR
AlyRec-CD 2005 (AlyBase + 30692 absolute length records):..... 30 EUR

Update prices

Aly-CD 2000-2005 to Aly-CD 2010:...............  50 EUR 
Aly-CD/USB 2000-2005 to Aly-USB/SD 2010:.......  60 EUR
Aly-CD 2010 to Aly-USB/SD 2010:................  40 EUR

Aly-Diskette 1980-2000 to Aly-CD 2010:......... 110 EUR
Aly-Diskette 1980-2000 to Aly-USB/SD 2010:..... 120 EUR

3. The ways to pay the Alybadix order

Please make your payment:

1. Via Eurogiro or SWIFT to our account number
   FI1880002804775616 with
Danske Bank,                 (New Bank name since 20.11.2012!)
   Hiililaiturinkuja 2, FI-00075 Danske Bank, Finland.  
   Swift address: DABAFIHH; Telex 121698 pgiro fi.

  IBAN-code: FI1880002804775616

 (I recommend this method from EU countries. The bank fees are low, when  IBAN- and BIC-codes are used)

2. Via PayPal. This is a good and quick way.You will receive the payment request and instructions by email.
    Also you can create your own personal PayPal account (free) and send/receive payments via email!
    PayPal works in about 200 countries.

3. Via Western Union money transfer.
   This method works all over the world.
   Please find your nearest Western Union local agent in:

4. Cash (EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, ...) in a registered/insured letter.

   1 EUR  =  1.36 USD  =  0.86 GBP  =  1.33 CHF  =  9.4 SEK

4. New features in Alybadix 2010

-All main executable program parts updated to the 2010 versions.

-Many little improvements and some bug corrections of the previous versions.

-Maximum hash size 4090 MB (under DOS only) available for the chess problem solving machine ap.exe.

-New stipulation white cannot capture (CannotCapt, Sz-).
 Only available in Fairybadix genre 6 = Seriebadix. White moves in series until white cannot capture any piece.
 Proper for solving problems like '8 nonattacking queens' (Hint: Use neutral pieces!).

-After starting Alybadix solving program ap.exe you can select between two display modes (mode1/mode2) by hitting S = Screen.
 This may help if fullscreen display problems and/or error messages under DOS / Windows XP.

-Alybadix Demo solving program apd.exe 2010 is near identical with the full version, but can solve short problems only (4-5 plies).
 However, it is able to display the long solutions of the full version.

-Alybase FAS 6 updated to the revision
FAS 7 (17209 positions of the Fide albums 1914-1997 with solutions). Some new solutions added.

-Huge chess problem collection included. More than 500 000 problems in Alybadix text format!

-APwin v2011 (Windows interface for Alybadix by Paul H. Wiereyn) supports all new features of Alybadix 2010.
 Great improvements in speed and handling of huge chess problem collections! For instance, the duplicates and position errors can be quickly found.
 Click here for viewing
APwin v2011 properties!

5. New features in Alybadix 2005

-Maximum length
252 plies (half-moves) instead of the old 100 plies.
 Thus it is possible to solve 126# and sh#252 problems, for instance.

-New conditions:
One-Way chess, No-Capture chess, Bichromatic chess,
Monochromatic chess and white/black/white+black Edgemover (Randzuger).

-Option black must capture (
bC+) added.

-Option white must capture (
wC+) now possible in Circe problems also.

Incompatible, Skip, Duplex, Smod1...Smod6 enable better
 compatability between Alyread/Alywrite/AlyBase/APwin operations.

Couscous-Circe rules fixed (captures by promoting, captures
 by chameleons). The capturer's name
after the move defines the
 circe-square. This is consistent with the anti-circe rules.

Rose rules fixed (0-move possible, like: e1-g2-h4-g6-e7-c6-b4-c2-e1).

simultaneous Madrasi + Anti-Circe problem solving.

-Quick way to view and search for files (
Esc/Tab-keys and Space-bar).
 For instance, hitting the Tab-key only you can go through all solutions in
 the current directory one by one.

-Alybase FAS 5 updated to the revision
FAS 6 (more than 17000 positions).
 The newest
Fide album 1995-97 added. All solution files were renamed
 (for instance, the solution file 1451234.SOL means album 1945-55,
 problem no 1234). Two possible installation ways on the hard disk:
Way 1: Installing the solution files to several album folders (as before).
Way 2: Installing all solution files to one folder.
 The installing way 2 may be better for the search options of
 which is able to search for problems with wished conditions/material etc.
 Also APwin search can find the
duplicate positions automatically!
 All Direct-, Self- and Reflex problems between 2-4 moves were solved
 again using
Threat+Variations test and compression.
Obs. It is also possible to use FAS 6 direct from the Aly-CD without installing
 on the hard disk!

-New separate
AlyRec-CD with absolute length record problems available.
 Includes material wKing + bKing + 1-3 non-pawn men (total 3-5 men,
 130 material combinations for both mate and stalemate) absolute length
 records (white begins, black begins, dualfree- and dualistic solutions)
 generated by
Simo Blom's program EG, solutions by Alybadix.
 The CD includes
30692 absolute length record problems with solutions
AlyBase program for searching wished material and viewing
 the moves easily. Many interesting and surprising long problems,
 as KD-kt, stalemate in 105.5 moves. Useful for learning endgame playing!
 Click here for more info about

APwin v2005 (Windows interface for Alybadix by Paul H. Wiereyn)
 supports all new features of Alybadix 2005.

6. New features in Alybadix 2004

-New very convenient Input diagram for entering quickly normal
  and fairy pieces.   The old CGA diagram is needed only in 2 cases:
     1.Diagram printing with old matrix printers (P=Printer in main menu).
      2.Figbadix (G=Figbadix in Main menu) for designing own piece sets.

-Possibility to select viewing pieces by names (letters) instead of
  figurines in the diagram and moves. This mode is better, if Alybadix
  is used under non-fullscreen (window) mode. While in Input diagram
  simply hit the refreshing keys F1 or F10 to change the mode.

-Improved mouse working.

-Alybadix 2004 has 'Quick tree' (qTree) mode for solving long non-pawn
  problems with 4-5 men only (as length records). This mode solves
  about 2-3 times quicker than the standard tree and needs less
  extended memory. Hit 'Q' in Main menu for help.

-Compression option ('C' in Main menu).
 After Threats+Variations test you can compress two times (Compress2).
 The original number of the solutions, threats and variations can be always seen in
 brackets like: (2 Sol, 5 Thr, 25 Var). These are not changed, if variations are removed.
 Compression is effective especially for short problems. It selects the important
 variations (typically 10-20 variations from hundreds/thousands in 3-movers).

-After Thr+Var test the compression is done automatically (two times, if >2# problem).
 In some cases you can compress still more, if F = Dualfree is selected.
 If 'C' is pressed several times, you can restore all variations and compress again, if desired.

-Remove unselected variations permanently (R in Main menu).
 After this you cannot restore the unselected variations.
 The sol-file comes shorter and more compact!

-In Disk menu 'Y' = Options for solve all (auto-solving).
 With the help of this option one can easily solve all position files again
  using different options, as Thr+Var test in all positions.

-Auto-solving can now solve practically unlimited number of problems in queue
 (before the maximum was about 3200 problems). Also auto-solving proceeds
 quicker, if many (short) problems.
 For instance, about 100 direct 2# problems are solved within 1 second.
-One important difference compared with the previous version is that multiple Threats
 (white's move after black 0-move) are not considered as duals!

-Castling with neutral rook (possible in KöKo and in some Circe RI and Anti-Circe genres)               (new!)
  See example problem nrcastl1.sol in the folder ex9.

-New Alybadix Demo 2004. It includes the possibility to create a Bootdisk for
 starting in DOS operating system.

-Mr. Paul H. Wiereyn (NL) has added many improvements to his program APwin
 (Windows front for Alybadix).

7. New features in Alybadix 2003
-Helpbadix C replaced by improved Helpbadix (quicker!)

-The genres where white mates black generally solve remarkable quicker.

-Seriehelpbadix Intelligent 2-1000 times quicker!

-Duplex test added. This option also allows you to view any solution as colors
 inverted and the board rotated!

-Thanks for the code rearranging Fairybadix 2003 solves often 2-3 times quicker
  than Fairybadix 2002 on quick computers (from 1 GHz up).

-Intelligent mode for seriesself- and seriesreflex- problems added.
 New speed options s+, s1+...s8+ added (seriesself intelligent only).
 Also the non-intelligent mode is often many times quicker than in 2002 versions.

-When a position or solution file is loaded from disk, Alybadix automatically
  switches to the Non-Fairy mode, if compatible, otherwise to Fairybadix.
  This works also under automatic solving.

-Options wC+ (white must always capture), wC+1, wC+2,..., wC+15 added.
 For instance, wC+2 means, that white must capture 2 or more times.
 These options are especially good for helpstalemates with many black pieces.

-Several Anti-Circe Calvet/Cheylan genres added.

-Automatic solving: In Disk menu hit '6' to solve all current type positions
 (pos- or po- or poo- files). Hit '7' to solve all position files (pos+po+poo).
 Option '7' is proper to use with APwin co-operation.

-Alybase FAS 4 updated to revision 5.

-Mr. Paul H. Wiereyn (NL) has again improved his program APwin
 (Windows front for Alybadix) very much. APwin v2003 has many great
 features as: Loading/saving of Alybadix-formatted position/solution files.
 Views the chess diagram and the moves. Calls Alybadix for solving a chess problem.
 Possibility to open FEN/PGN/EPD-formatted chess files and save positions in
 PGN-format. Import/Export chess positions from/to other chess programs via
 Windows clipboard in Fritz/FEN/PGN-format. Show tries/defences, remove duals,
 compress solution. Easy printing of chess problem diagram and solutions on different
 printer models installed in Windows. Printing of 1-6 diagrams on one page. Possibility
 to associate Alybadix position and solution files to APwin (simply double-click mouse
 on the file's icon for loading APwin and the solution). The user can select between 3
 languages: english/german/dutch.

-Plus many other small changes and improvements.

8. New features in Alybadix 2002

a) Intelligent modes

The intelligent mode works now with Matebadix, Sidebadix, Selfbadix and Reflexbadix also,
even with fairy problems (Fairybadix).
The difference between the normal and the intelligent mode is that the intelligent mode
finds short mates quicker. Thus after every black move white tries 1#, 2#, 3#, ... for finding
the shortest mating. Observe that the intelligent mode is not always quicker than the normal mode.
Generally it is quicker from 7-8 movers up. In some cases the intelligent mode may solve
even 10-1000 times quicker than the normal mode!

b) Variation search

Improved variation search. The older versions sometimes find variations very slowly.
Versions 2002 should generally find variations quickly (both in normal and intelligent modes).

c) Threat testing

Threats only and Threats+Variations test added.

d) Z-option

New z-option added. This works in connection with the old y-option. Especially good for long selfmates.

e) Symmetry

In Non-Fairy problems Alybadix sees the symmetry up to 5 men (4 men in the former versions).
Thus it is possible to solve quicker long 5 men problems without the position tree pruning
(about 120 000 000 non-symmetric positions), if enough memory (1.5 GB or more).

Fairybadix sees the symmetry up to 8 men, if a 8-symmetric small board is in use.
The small board (as 4x4, 6x6) must be designed with the help of the fairy 'piece' Edge-Block.

f) Joker

Fairy piece Joker rules fixed. Works now also with seriesproblems.

g) Fairybadix solving speed

Thanks for the more compact code, Fairybadix 2002 solves quicker than Fairybadix 2001,
although the move numbers would be identical. The solving speed may be 0-40% higher,
depending on the computer model, cache size/working and chess problem type.

h) Alybase FAS, revision 4

Alybase FAS is updated to revision 4. Many new solutions were added and
new cooks found in long problems.
In addition the newest Fide Album 1992-94 included (about 1000 positions).
Total number of the chess problem positions is now about 16000.

i) APwin v3, Windows front for Alybadix

Mr. Paul H. Wiereyn (NL) has improved his program much.
APwin, version 3 has many really great and useful new properties. Many thanks for Paul!!!

j) Others

-Improved hash testing. Works better with  the old and new Windows versions.
-Display of the chess piece figurines should now work better with the various display cards.
 However, under Windows you should use the fullscreen mode as before (Alt-CR).

9. New features in Alybadix 2001

-The 20 years old intelligent parts for serieshelpmates  were completely rewritten.
 Thus Aly 2001 will solve long non-fairy serieshelpmates extreme quickly -
 often 10-1000 times quicker than before! This intelligent mode test is 100% (C+)
 also for castling and enpassant problems with 1-64 chessmen.

-'Moving Men' option for problems, which are too long for normal testing. The user
 may give the moving piece and possible promotions for each move. With help of this option
 practically all help- and series problems can be solved (fairies also).
 Useful for chess problem databases (as Alybase FAS).

-Possibility to enter positions with or without spaces
 (ke1pa2b2c2d2 means the same as Ke1 Pa2 Pb2 Pc2 Pd2).

-Mr. Paul H. Wiereyn (NL) has improved very much his APwin (Windows front for Alybadix) program:
 Selectable english/german/dutch language (german translations by Herrn Bernhard Bake).
 APwin v2 gives all kind of help from fairy piece moving rules to different Alybadix selections in
 all 3 languages. Supports near 100% Alybadix options. APwin is now able to show all solving variations.
 In addition it can preview and print diagram plus variation moves in a nice way!

-Alybadix utility programs Alywrite and Alyread are now able to keep the order of the
 white/black/neutral piece queues unchanged. Etc, etc...

10. Chess links

CSS-Shop                               ("Computer Schach und Spiele" magazine, german)
Suomen Tehtäväniekat         (Proceedings of the Finnish Chess Problem Society, finnish/english) 
Homepage of PCCC              (The Permanent Commission of the FIDE for Chess Compositions)
Vaclav Kotesovec chess problems and programs
   (tests of solving programs, new links, etc, czech/english)     New address!

Ilkka Blom
Salmikatu 27 A 16
FI-65200 Vaasa

E-mail:         Ilkka Blom <iblom>


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