AlyBase (chess problem database program)

-AlyBase is a database program for handling chess problems.
-Original author Simo Blom, later updates by Simo Blom & Ilkka Blom.
-Completely Alybadix compatible.
-Programmed in C++ language.
-Nice VGA diagram and animation of the solving variations.
-Comprehensive search options.
-Very quick search, for instance the 17209 problems of Alybase FAS 7 problem base
  can be searched thoroughly within a few seconds on a modern computer.
-Possibility to build up your own chess problem database collections.
-The diagram and the screen can be saved on disk as black and white
 TIFF-file (for importing to other editors and for printing).
-AlyBase uses the fullscreen mode only. Since Windows Vista and 7 no more support the fullscreen mode,
 you should boot to DOS (from Aly-USB or Aly-SD) or use the free Windows program DOSBox,
 which is delivered with Alybadix!
-APwin is also able to load and display the diagrams and solutions of FAS 7 problem database.

 Alybase FAS 7  (chess problem database)

-Alybase FAS, revision 7 includes the non-study problems in Fide Albums 1914-1997.
-More than 17000 positions with Alybadix solutions. Many cooked problems found!
 (cook = an extra unwished solution - thus the cooked problem is unsound).
-Works quickly direct from the Aly-CD  or Aly-USB or Aly-SD without installing anything on the hard disk.
-For still quicker working it can be installed also on the hard disk, if needed.

Links to the AlyBase screen examples below:
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Example 1 of AlyBase screen

AlyBase is viewing the solution of the 38# problem. Variation 62 of total 96, white  37. move is seen here.
The red arrows represent duals, which mean that white has more than one move.
The original position is seen on the right side of the diagram (fide notation for the pieces).
Alybadix solves this long problem within 1 second with help of accelerating options (Q1/f1)!

Example 2 of AlyBase screen

Problem with white/black/neutral fairy pieces. Magic square and gridlines.
The start menu is seen under the diagram.

Example 3 of AlyBase screen

AlyBase can change the digram/screen to black and white and save it on disk as TIFF-format.
Many graphics utility programs as Graphic Workshop (on Aly-CD) are able to convert this format
to other formats as GIF/JPG, which are compressed and take less disk space than the TIFF-format.


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