Using Alybadix 2010 under DOS / Windows (32 bits)

                                    Windows version (32 bits)
                        DOS         XP        Vista        7
Solving program ap.exe
Compatability                  x             x              x             x
Fullscreen display             x             x              -             -
Window display                 -             x              x             x
Pieces as letters              x             x              x             x
Pieces as figurines            x             x              -             -
Memory available (GB)          4            1,3          1,5-1,6       1,5-1,6

AlyBase program ab.exe
Compatability                  x             x     
x(under DOSBox)  x(under DOSBox)


-Alybadix does not work under the 64 bits versions of Windows!

-The free Windows program DOSBox is delivered with Alybadix.

-After starting Alybadix you can select between two display modes Mode1 / Mode2 by hitting S = Screen.
 This may help for display problems under DOS / Windows XP.

-In Windows machines you can boot to DOS from Aly-USB stick or Aly-SD card, if the machine supports this option.

-Running Alybadix solving program
ap.exe under Windows program APwin (by Paul H. Wiereyn) allows good display
 of the chessboard and the chess pieces. Recommended especially for Windows
Vista and 7.

-Windows Vista and 7 allow reserving memory about 30 MB only for DOS programs like Alybadix, but you can easily
 modify Windows register for getting about maximal 1500 MB as follows:

Run the program Regedit (found in your Windows folder, generally C:\Windows) by double clicking its icon. Then go to the key:


and create/modify the REG_DWORD registry value DpmiLimit.
If the computer has 2 GB (= 2048 MB = 2147483648 bytes) or more physical RAM memory, enter 2000000000 as decimal
(=0x77359400 as hexadecimal). If 1 GB physical RAM memory, enter 1000000000 as decimal and so on. Then reboot the computer!


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