Alybadix Demo version 2010 ready for free download

-This demo solving program v.2010 (apd.exe) is near identical with the full version 2010 (ap.exe),
  but solves
short problems only. However, you can load and display all solutions of long problems
  solved by the full version of Alybadix. At the same you can test your computer system's
  compatability with Alybadix!

Download Alybadix Demo version 2010   ( Length 733 kB. Diskload bug fixed in apd.exe for huge chess problem collections! Updated 2010-06-18!)
and extract (unzip) it to the hard disk with the paths.
Then run the file
apd.exe in the folder APDEMO. Read also the important text files:
apdemo.txt, apmanu.txt and apinfo.txt (you can load them to the built-in text editor
of Alybadix (LT in Disk menu).

There are several short problems in Alybadix format, which you can solve as follows:
-Go to the Disk menu (Z).
-Hit 6 = Solve all POS files (mate condition) or 7 = Solve all POS+PO+POO files (mate+stalemate+special conditions).
-After solving select the wished condition in Main menu by End-key. Hit XX to switch between Non-fairy and Fairybadix modes.
-In Disk menu load (LS) solution files for displaying or in Main menu use Esc/Tab-keys for loading the next solution very quickly for displaying!

Two subfolders EX_LONG and EX_VLONG include solution files of long / very long problems solved by the full version of Alybadix.
Open these in Disk menu by hitting 8 = Change directory and display the solutions as above.