Aly-USB and Aly-SD 2010

-Aly-USB is installed in an Usb Flash drive (also called USB Key, USB Stick), for instance Kingston 2 GB DataTraveler.

-Aly-SD is installed in a tiny SD-card, dimensions 25 mm x 30 mm.


Aly-USB/SD 2010 instructions


a) Using Aly-USB under Windows

You can use Aly-USB in the same way as Aly-CD. Thus you can install the included programs to hard disk
 or even run Alybadix solving engine (ap.exe) direct from the stick. Unlike in the case of Aly-CD, it is possible
 to save files (as Alybadix solution files) to the USB stick. See Aly-CD instructions for closer details!

b) DOS-boot

1. Insert the Aly-USB key in one of the computer's USB port.
. Switch power On.
. Go into the BIOS settings by hitting the proper key.
    Due to the computer and BIOS model, this may be F1, F2, F10, Del etc.
4. In BIOS, go to the BOOT options and set the USB stick as the first boot device.
   Try all available USB variants, as USB-KEY, USB-STICK, USB-HDD, USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, etc.
. Save the new BIOS settings and reboot.
. When succeeded, after a few seconds you will see Aly-USB menu.
. With the help of the menu you can easily change the keyboard settings to a proper language,
    run Alybadix solving engine (
ap.exe) or AlyBase (ab.exe).

Under DOS Alybadix is able to utilize computer's memory up to 4 GB (max 4090 MB) for the position
tree (hash table) and the solving power is better than under Windows (Windows with 4 GB memory
allows max 1200-1600 MB for Alybadix).

c) Windows Vista and Windows 7

Unfortunately Vista/7 does not support the fullscreen mode for DOS programs. Therefore the chessboard
and chess figurines are not natural.
Hint: Run Alybadix solving program (ap.exe) under Windows program APwin or use letters instead of
figurines (
F1-key). I recommend DOS boot from Aly-USB stick, if Vista/7 machine!
Please check that your computer supports booting from USB/SD!

AlyBase 2010

AlyBase does not work with Windows Vista/7, since it uses the DOS fullscreen mode only.
Hint: Install the free progran DOSBox (delivered with Alybadix) or boot to DOS from Aly-USB/SD!

e) Aly-SD 2010

Aly-SD 2010 is installed in a SD Card (25 mm x 30 mm) and works like Aly-USB above.
Check that your computer has
a) an inbuilt card reader and it can boot from SD card

use a separate USB SD-card reader and boot as from Aly-USB !



After successful boot to DOS from Aly-USB/SD the following menu is seen:



Keyboard configuration for a specific language: KEYB xx

where xx is the language code as follows:

be=Belgium, br=Brazil, cz=Czech, dk=Denmark, su=Finland, fr=France, gr=Germany,

hu=Hungary, it=Italy, la=Latin America, nl=Netherlands, no=Norway, pl=Poland,

po=Portugal, sp=Spain, sv=Sweden, uk=England, us=USA, yu=Yugoslavia



 1 = Load and run Alybadix solving program (AP.EXE) from USB-Drive, folder ALY.

 2 = Load and run AlyBase program (AB.EXE) from USB-Drive, folder ALY.

 3 = Load and run AlyBase FAS program (AB.EXE) from USB-Drive, folder FIDE.

dir /p  = Show the files and folders of the USB-Drive.

keyb xx = Keyboard configuration (see above).

menu = This menu


If your system hard disk(s) are FAT16/FAT32 formatted (not NTFS), you can run

any proper DOS program using DOS commands, for instance

run AlyBase FAS (AB.EXE) on the hard disk D, folder FIDE:


cd fide    (or cd d:\fide)


For instance, hit ’1’ to load and run the Alybadix solving engine

ap.exe from the Aly-USB/SD drive. Now you can enter chess problem

positions, solve them and save the solutions on the Aly-USB/SD.

Hint: In Disk menu hit ’8’ (=Change directory) and select some example directory

from the available Ex1, Ex2,..., Ex11 folders to see several example problem solutions!



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