Alybadix 2002 solving examples

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More examples will be added!

Program:      Alybadix AP.EXE, vers. 2002
Computer:    Athlon AMD XP (1700+) 1466 MHz, 1 GB (1024 MB) 266 MHz DDR RAM
Diagrams:    Figbadix (built-in in AP.EXE), set FB41
Notation:      Fide (KDTLSP)

Examples of accelerating options:

Q2         Quick mode - each white move is a check or 2#-threat
w++        Each white move is check
f2            Black King has max 2 flight squares
x3           Black has max 3 movable men after each white move
y5           Black has max 5 moves after each white move
y5/z2      As y5, but black has two times any number of moves (z-option added in 2002 versions)
yy5         Black has max 5 moves from black's second move up
y0           Black king only can move
K=          King participates in mating/stalemating
m            Moving men and possible promotions for one or more moves given (* = any)
wP-L      White promotes to Bishop only
wC-T      White cannot capture a black rook
Sq-e4      Mating must happen on the square e4
Sq-E        Mating must happen on board's any edge square
v15          Variation search depth  up to 15 plies only

For long direct mates options w++/Q/f are generally the best, for long selfmates options x/y/z/f.

1. Direct mates
2. Selfmates
3. Fairies


1. Direct mates

Example of Matebadix Intelligent 2002 (the intelligent mode 2002 finds the
possible short mates very quickly after every black move). Complete test!
Dr. Moriz Henneberger
"Basler Nat. Ztg." 1929

    #16                                                           (7+2)
 1.Te2-e1  Tf4-f8+   2.Ke8-d7  Tf8-d8+
 3.Kd7-c6  Td8-d6+   4.Kc6-b5  Td6-d5+
 5.Kb5-b4  Td5-b5+   6.Kb4-c3  Tb5-c5+
 7.Kc3-d2  Tc5-c2+   8.Kd2-e3  Tc2-e2+
 9.Ke3-f4  Te2-e4+  10.Kf4-g5  Te4-e5+
11.Kg5-g6  Te5-e6+  12.Kg6-g7  Te6-e7+
13.Kg7-g8  Te7-e5   14.Te1-e2  Te5xe2
15.Tg3-f3+ Te2xh2   16.Tf3-f8 #

Time(h:m:s): 00:00:01,70
Selected 1/165 variations (1/165)
Moves(All/W/B): 720473/426815/293658
Test: /No Setplay/Dual/Non-Try
/Tree 1-0-394242 (990 MB)             Matebadix Int-4

White:  Ke8 Te2 Tg3 La8 Lh2 Pb6 Pb7
Black:   Kb8 Tf4

Intelligent mode, 444 variations, 6 dualfree variations.
Solving times:
Matebadix 2001: 4 min 3 sec, Matebadix 2002: 3 min 21 sec, Matebadix Intelligent 2002: 21,3 sec
See internet site:
"Unsolvable positions".

     #12                                                           (16+16)
  1.Sb1-c3  Sg8-f6+   2.Ke8xf7  Ke1xf1     3.Sg1-f3+ Kf1xg2
  4.Th1xd1  Sb8-c6    5.Td1-g1+ Kg2xf2    6.Sc3-d1+ Kf2xe2 
  7.Sf3-d4+ Sc6xd4    8.Dd8xc7   d7-d6      9.Dc7-c4+ Ke2-f3
10.Dc4-d3+ Kf3-f4  11.Dd3-e3+ Kf4-f5   12.Tg1-g5 #
                                                         Sf6-e4     9.Dc7-c4+ Ke2-f3
10.Dc4-f1+ Se4-f2   11. d2-d3    Sd4-f5   12.Df1xf2 #
                      Ke1xf1    2.Sg1-f3+ Kf1xg2   3.Th1xd1  Sg8-f6+
  4.Ke8xf7  Sb8-c6      5.Td1-g1+ Kg2xf2  6.Sc3-d1+ Kf2xe2 
  7.Sf3-d4+ Sc6xd4     8.Dd8xc7   d7-d6     9.Dc7-c4+ Ke2-f3
10.Dc4-d3+ Kf3-f4   11.Dd3-e3+ Kf4-f5  12.Tg1-g5 #
                                                          Sf6-e4    9.Dc7-c4+ Ke2-f3
10.Dc4-f1+ Se4-f2   11. d2-d3  Sd4-f5    12.Df1xf2 #
  4.Td1-g1+ Kg2xf2    5.Sc3-d1+ Kf2xe2   6.Sf3-d4+ Sc6xd4 
  7.Dd8xc7  Sg8-f6+   8.Ke8xf7   d7-d6       9.Dc7-c4+ Ke2-f3
10.Dc4-d3+ Kf3-f4   11.Dd3-e3+ Kf4-f5   12.Tg1-g5 #
                                                          Sf6-e4     9.Dc7-c4+ Ke2-f3
  10.Dc4-f1+ Se4-f2   11. d2-d3  Sd4-f5    12.Df1xf2 #
Time(h:m:s): 00:00:21,31
Dualfree 6/444 variations (1/444)
Moves(All/W/B): 4988033/3684092/1303941
Test: /No Setplay/All/Non-Try                    /Q3+ 
/Tree 1-0-3053814 (990 MB)    Matebadix Int-4 

Intelligent mode, black begins.
Solving times:
Matebadix 2001: more than 1 hour, Matebadix 2002: 5,9 sec!, Matebadix Intelligent 2002: 0,44 sec!!!
O. Gallischek
See "Computer Schach und Spiele" 1992/5

     #19*                                                         (10+3)
  1.  -     Tf7-f3+   2. e2-e3  Tf3xe3+
 3. c2-c3  Te3xc3+   4.Ka3-a2  Tc3-a3+
 5.Ka2-b1  Ta3-a1+   6.Kb1-c2  Ta1-c1+
 7.Kc2-d3  Tc1-c3+   8.Kd3-e2  Tc3-e3+
 9.Ke2-f1  Te3-e8   10. g3-g4  Te8-e1+
11.Kf1-g2  Te1-g1+  12.Kg2-f3  Tg1-g3+ 
13.Kf3-e2  Tg3-e3+  14.Ke2-d1  Te3-e1+
15.Kd1-c2  Te1-c1+  16.Kc2-b3  Tc1-c3+
17.Kb3-a2  Tc3xc7   18.Th3-h8+ Tc7-c8
19.Th8xc8 #

Time(h:m:s): 00:00:00,44
1 variations (0/1)
Moves(All/W/B): 197584/121744/75840
Test: /Only Setplay/All/Non-Try
/Tree 1-0-59924 (990 MB)          Matebadix Int-4 

White:  Ka3 Th3 Pb2 Pb6 Pc2 Pc7 Pd2 Pe2 Pf2 Pg3
Black:   Ka8 Tf7 Pb7

Intelligent mode.
Solving times:
Matebadix 2001/2002: more than 1 hour, Matebadix Intelligent 2002: 1,16 sec!!!
Nenad Petrovic
I. Pr. "Die Schwalbe 165 TT" 1979

    #23                                                           (11+12)


Time(h:m:s): 00:00:01,16
7 variations (1/7)
Moves(All/W/B): 280862/170603/110259
Test: /No Setplay/Dual/Try
/Tree 1-0-149208 (990 MB)        Matebadix Int-4 

White:  Ka1 Le1 Sa2 Sh2 Pa4 Pa6 Pb2 Pc4 Pf3 Pg4 Ph7
Black:   Kh1 Td6 Tg1 Lf1 Sa5 Pa7 Pc5 Pe2 Pg2 Pg5 Pg6 Pg7

 1. h7-h8T Td6-d1+   2.Sa2-c1  Sa5-b3+   3.Ka1-b1  Td1xc1+   4.Kb1-a2  Tc1-a1+
 5.Ka2xb3  Ta1-a3+   6.Kb3-c2  Ta3-c3+   7.Kc2-d2  Tc3-d3+   8.Kd2-c1  Td3-d1+
 9.Kc1-c2  Td1-d2+  10.Kc2-b3  Td2xb2+  11.Kb3-c3  Tb2-b3+  12.Kc3-d2  Tb3-d3+
13.Kd2-c1  Td3-d1+  14.Kc1-b2  Td1-b1+  15.Kb2-c2  Tb1-b2+  16.Kc2-d3  Tb2-b3+
17.Kd3-e4  Tb3-e3+  18.Ke4-d5  Te3-e5+  19.Kd5-c6  Te5-e6+  20.Kc6-b7  Te6-e7+
21.Kb7-a8  Te7-e8+  22.Th8xe8  Kh1xh2   23.Te8-h8 #
21.Kb7-b8  Te7-e8+  22.Th8xe8  Kh1xh2   23.Te8-h8 #
21.Kb7-a8  Tb6-b8+  22.Th8xb8  Kh1xh2   23.Tb8-h8 #
                               Te3-d3+  19.Kd5-c6  Td3-d6+  20.Kc6-b7  Td6-d7+
21.Kb7-a8  Td7-d8+  22.Th8xd8  Kh1xh2   23.Td8-h8 #
21.Kb7-b8  Td7-d8+  22.Th8xd8  Kh1xh2   23.Td8-h8 #
21.Kb7-a8  Tb6-b8+  22.Th8xb8  Kh1xh2   23.Tb8-h8 #
                    14.Kc1-c2  Td1-d2+  15.Kc2-c3  Td2-c2+  16.Kc3-d3  Tc2-c3+
17.Kd3-e4  Tc3-e3+  18.Ke4-d5  Te3-e5+  19.Kd5-c6  Te5-e6+  20.Kc6-b7  Te6-e7+
21.Kb7-a8  Te7-e8+  22.Th8xe8  Kh1xh2   23.Te8-h8 #

Intelligent mode.
Solving times:
Matebadix 2001: 57,6 sec, Matebadix 2002: 28,6 sec, Matebadix Intelligent 2002: 2,2 sec!
Dr. Karl Fabel
"Die Schwalbe" 1962

     #26                                                             (9+13)
 1.Kf8-e7  Lh7-g8    2.Ke7-d7  Lg8-h7
 3.Kd7-c7  Lh7-g8    4.Kc7-b6  Lg8-h7
 5.Kb6-c5  Lh7-g8    6.Kc5-b4   e6-e5 
 7.Kb4-c5  Lg8-h7    8.Kc5-b6  Lh7-g8
 9.Kb6-c7  Lg8-h7   10.Kc7-d7  Lh7-g8
11.Kd7-e7  Lg8-h7   12.Ke7-f8   h5-h4 
13.Kf8-e7  Lh7-g8   14.Ke7-d7  Lg8-h7
15.Kd7-c7  Lh7-g8   16.Kc7-b6  Lg8-h7
17.Kb6-c5  Lh7-g8   18.Kc5-b4   c6-c5+ 
19.Kb4xc5  Lg8-h7   20.Kc5-b6  Lh7-g8
21.Kb6-c7  Lg8-h7   22.Kc7-d7  Lh7-g8
23.Kd7-e7  Lg8-h7   24.Ke7-f8  Lh7-g8 
25.Kf8xg8  Tb1-c1   26.Sc4xb2 #

Time(h:m:s): 00:00:02,20
Selected 1/18 variations (1/18)
Moves(All/W/B): 787820/676833/110987
Test: /No Setplay/Dual/Non-Try
/Tree 1-0-110692 (990 MB)          Matebadix Int-4

White:  Kf8 Lc3 Lf3 Sc4 Se3 Pd2 Pe4 Pg4 Ph3
Black:   Kd3 Tb1 Lh6 Lh7 Sf7 Sh8 Pb2 Pc6 Pe6 Pg5 Pg6 Pg7 Ph5

Example of the intelligent mode 2002 and several accelerating options.
Henri Weenink
"Tijdschrift KNSB" 1930

     #50                                                          (9+11)
Time(h:m:s): 00:04:48,31
1 variations (1/1)
Moves(All/W/B): 84387697/32808632/51579065
Test: /No Setplay/All/Non-Try
/Tree 1-0-11997417 (990 MB)        Matebadix Int-4

White:  Kf3 Ld7 Sc2 Pb5 Pc6 Pe2 Pe5 Pf4 Pg5
Black:  Kf5 Lc5 Lf7 Se3 Pa2 Pa5 Pb6 Pc4 Pc7 Pe6 Pg6


 1.Ld7-c8  Lf7-g8    2.Lc8-b7  Lg8-f    3.Lb7-a6  Lf7-g8    4.La6-c8  Lg8-f7
 5.Lc8-d7  Lf7-g8    6.Ld7-e8  Lg8-h7    7.Le8-f7   c4-c3    8.Lf7-e8  Lh7-g8
 9.Le8-d7  Lg8-f7   10.Ld7-c8  Lf7-g8   11.Lc8-b7  Lg8-f7   12.Lb7-a6  Lf7-g8
13.La6-c8  Lg8-f7   14.Lc8-d7  Lf7-g8   15.Ld7-e8  Lg8-h7   16.Le8-f7   a5-a4
17.Lf7-e8  Lh7-g8   18.Le8-d7  Lg8-f7   19.Ld7-c8  Lf7-g8   20.Lc8-b7  Lg8-f7
21.Lb7-a6  Lf7-g8   22.La6-c8  Lg8-f7   23.Lc8-d7  Lf7-g8   24.Ld7-e8  Lg8-h7
25.Le8-f7   a4-a3   26.Lf7-e8  Lh7-g8   27.Le8-d7  Lg8-f7   28.Ld7-c8  Lf7-g8
29.Lc8-b7  Lg8-f7   30.Lb7-a6  Lf7-g8   31.La6-c8  Lg8-f7   32.Lc8-d7  Lf7-g8
33.Ld7-e8  Lg8-h7   34.Le8-f7   a2-a1D  35.Sc2xa1   c3-c2   36.Sa1xc2   a3-a2
37.Lf7-e8  Lh7-g8   38.Le8-d7  Lg8-f7   39.Ld7-c8  Lf7-g8   40.Lc8-b7  Lg8-f7
41.Lb7-a6  Lf7-g8   42.La6-c8  Lg8-f7   43.Lc8-d7  Lf7-g8   44.Ld7-e8  Lg8-h7
45.Le8-f7   a2-a1D  46.Sc2xa1  Lc5-e7   47.Sa1-b3  Le7-c5   48.Sb3-d2  Lc5-e7
49.Sd2-f1  Lh7-g8   50.Sf1-g3 #

Threats + Variations test
(Threat testing was added to Alybadix 2002)
Peter Gvozdjak
Pravda 1989
1. Pr.

     #2                                                            (9+6)
1.La1-b2    ----    2.Tb7xb6 #
1.Lc4-b5    ----    2.Tb7xb6 #
1.Lc4-b3    ----    2.Tb7xb6 #
1.Lc4-d3    ----    2.Df4xf5 #
1.Sd4xf5    ----    2.Td7-d6 #
1.Sd4-b5    ----    2.Tb7xb6 #
1.Sd4-b3    ----    2.Tb7xb6 #
1.Sd4-c2    ----    2.Df4xf5 #
1.Se5-f7    ----    2.Df4-e5 #
1.Se5-d3    ----    2.Df4xf5 #
           Db1xd3   2.Tb7xb6 #
           Db1-b5   2.Sd4xb5 #
           Db1-f1   2.Tb7xb6 #
           Tg6-g5   2.Df4-d6 #
           Sh8-f7   2.Td7xf7 #
1.Kc7-b8    ----    2.Td7-d6 #
1.Kc7-d8    ----    2.Td7-d6 #
1.Kc7-c8    ----    2.Td7-d6 #
1.Kc7-c6    ----    2.Td7-d6 #
1.Td7-h7    ----    2.Se5-d7 #
Time(h:m:s): 00:00:00,11
Selected Dualfree 20/46 variations (16/46)
Moves(All/W/B): 2439/1933/506
Test: /No Setplay/Dual/Threats+Variations/Try
White:  Kc7 Df4 Tb7 Td7 La1 Lc4 Sd4 Se5 Pg4
Black:  Kf6 Db1 Tg6 Sh8 Pb6 Pf5


2. Selfmates

Example of the new z-option 2002.
z-option works with y-option only and allows more black moves.
y1 (black has one move only after each white move).
z2 (allows black to move two times any number of moves).
Gerald Ettl
S1913, The Problemist, May 2002

     S#7                                                          (10+12)

1.Tb5-b4   Th8-b8   2.Th5-f5+  Kf4xf5
3.Tb4-b5+  Kf5-f4   4.Sc2-b4   Lb1-a2
5.Sb4-d5+  Kf4-f5   6.Sd5-c3+  Kf5-f4 
7.Sc3-e2+   d3xe2 #
            f3xe2 #

Time(h:m:s): 00:00:02,86
2 variations (1/2)
Moves(All/W/B): 851657/735084/116573
Test: /No Setplay/Dual/Non-Try
/Tree 1-0-392503 (990 MB)             Selfbadix-4 

White:  Kf1 Tb5 Th5 Ld4 Lf7 Sc2 Sf6 Pb7 Pd2 Ph4
Black:  Kf4 Dh1 Th2 Th8 Lb1 Lg1 Pb3 Pd3 Pf2 Pf3 Pg3 Ph7

Example of the z-option. This problem is cooked in 29 moves!
wC-    (white cannot capture), K= (black King participates in mating), Sq-E (edge-mate),
y1/z41 (black has one move only after each white move. However, z41 allows to
             exceed this 4 times by one move. Thus black has 4 times max two moves).
Jacob Mintz
feenschach 1990
5. Pr.

     S#44                                                          (4+2)
 1.Dc8-h3+ Kh1-g1    2.Dh3-h2+ Kg1-f1
 3.Dh2-h1+ Kf1-e2    4.Dh1-d1+ Ke2-e3
 5.Dd1-d4+ Ke3-e2    6.Dd4-c4+ Ke2-e3
 7.Td5-d3+ Ke3-e2    8.Td3-d6+ Ke2-e3
 9.Dc4-b3+ Ke3-e4   10.Db3-c2+ Ke4-e3
11.Dc2-d2+ Ke3-e4   12.Dd2-e2+ Ke4-f5
13.De2-c2+ Te5-e4   14.Kg3-h3  Kf5-f4
15.Dc2-f2+ Kf4-e5   16.Df2-c5+ Ke5-f4
17.Dc5-g5+ Kf4-f3   18.Dg5-g3+ Kf3-e2
19.Dg3-e1+ Ke2-f3   20.De1-f1+ Kf3-e3
21.Lh4-g5+ Te4-f4   22.Lg5-h6  Ke3-e4
23.Df1-d3+ Ke4-e5   24.Lh6-g7+ Tf4-f6
25.Kh3-h4  Ke5-f4   26.Td6-d4+ Kf4-e5
27.Td4-e4+ Ke5-f5   28.Te4-e7+ Kf5-f4
29.Lg7-h6+ Tf6xh6 #

Time(h:m:s): 00:05:32,80
Selected 1/14 variations (1/14)
Moves(All/W/B): 81776646/70918845/10857801
Test: /No Setplay/Dual/Non-Try
/Tree 1-0-22721766 (990 MB)          Selfbadix-4

White:  Kg3 Dc8 Td5 Lh4
Black:  Kh1 Te5


3. Fairies

8 queens on 4 x 4 board, how many non-symmetric positions?
Hint: For small boards use Edge-Blocks and centered board.
Then Fairybadix sees the symmetry up to 8 men.

Solution: 1674 (see the position tree!)

Time(h:m:s): 00:00:00,55
0 variations
Moves(All/W/B): 7610/7610/0
Test: /No Setplay/All
/Tree 1-0-1674 (990 MB)

White:  Dc5 Dd3 Dd4 Dd5 De3 De4 De5 Df4 Ea1 Ea2 Ea3
Ea4 Ea5 Ea6 Ea7 Ea8 Eb1 Eb2 Eb3 Eb4 Eb5 Eb6 Eb7 Eb8 Ec1
Ec2 Ec7 Ec8 Ed1 Ed2 Ed7 Ed8 Ee1 Ee2 Ee7 Ee8 Ef1 Ef2 Ef7
Ef8 Eg1 Eg2 Eg3 Eg4 Eg5 Eg6 Eg7 Eg8 Eh1 Eh2 Eh3 Eh4 Eh5
Eh6 Eh7 Eh8
(E =Edge-Block)

     Sz#8                                                            (56+0)

8 queens on 4 x 4 board, how many different positions?
Hint: use Edge-Blocks and non-centered board (or a non-symmetric condition, as circe)

     Sz#10                                                         (17+0)

Solution: 12870
(=about 8 x the number of the non-symmetric positions)

Time(h:m:s): 00:00:02,53
0 variations
Moves(All/W/B): 68699/68699/0
Test: /No Setplay/All
 /Tree 1-0-12870 (990 MB)

White:  Da3 Db1 Db2 Db3 Dc1 Dc2 Dc3 Dd2 Ea5 Eb5
              Ec5 Ed5 Ee1 Ee2 Ee3 Ee4 Ee5
Edge-Block a5,b5,c5,d5,e1,e2,e3,e4,e5 


8 neutral queens on 4 x 4 board, how many non-symmetric positions?
(Obs. Neutral man can capture a neutral man).

     Sz#10                                                   (48+0+8)

Solution: 5110 (see the position tree!)

Time(h:m:s): 00:00:02,86
0 variations
Moves(All/W/B): 31003/31003/0
Test: /No Setplay/All
/Tree 1-0-5110 (990 MB)

White:  Ea1 Ea2 Ea3 Ea4 Ea5 Ea6 Ea7 Ea8 Eb1 Eb2 Eb3 Eb4
Eb5 Eb6 Eb7 Eb8 Ec1 Ec2 Ec7 Ec8 Ed1 Ed2 Ed7 Ed8 Ee1 Ee2
Ee7 Ee8 Ef1 Ef2 Ef7 Ef8 Eg1 Eg2 Eg3 Eg4 Eg5 Eg6 Eg7 Eg8
Eh1 Eh2 Eh3 Eh4 Eh5 Eh6 Eh7 Eh8
Neutr:  Dc5 Dd3 Dd4 Dd5 De3 De4 De5 Df4
(E =Edge-Block)

More examples will be added later!

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