Figbadix (built-in figure editor)

-Figbadix figure editor is built-in in Alybadix solving program (AP.EXE).
-Includes 14 complete chess figure sets from 41 to 144 points per square
 (from 344 to 1184 points per chess diagram). Proper printing size from
 3 cm x 3 cm to 10 cm x 10 cm per diagram (if printer resolution 300 dots/inch).
-Possibility to design your own figure sets.

-Saves chess diagrams or figures in TIFF-file format on disk. These files can be  imported
 to other word processors. Also converting to other formats as GIF/JPG  is easy with help
 of proper utility programs as Graphic Workshop or Paintshop Pro (on Aly-CD).

Some diagram examples created by Figbadix

                    Set FB50 (50 x 50 points per square)                                                     Set FB41 (41 x 41 points)

                                 Set RS65_2 (65 x 65 points per square)                                        Figure 94 x 94 points

                               Set IB65 (65 x 65 points per square)

                                                        Set RS82 (82 x 82 points per square)

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