Alybadix NTFSBOOT-CD/DVD (free)

The NTFSBOOT-CD or -DVD includes the newest Alybadix demo solving program version 2010.02.
Thus you can test Alybadix compatability with your system.

The main purpose is to boot to DOS and run Alybadix demo solving program apd.exe or Alybadix
version ap.exe from hard disk or USB-stick or memory card. Useful, if the computer cannot boot from
USB-stick or memory card. Also DOS-boot enables Alybadix use in Windows 64 bit computers!


-Download one of the the standard disk image ISO-files below (zipped). (english keyboard as default) (finnish keyboard as default) (german keyboard as default)

-Unzip it to the hard disk.
-Burn it to a blank CD or DVD using a proper burning program as Nero or Windows own burning.


a) Under Windows run the demo solving program apd.exe in CD/DVD´s folder apdemo.

b) Insert the boot CD/DVD to the computer and boot to DOS and run the icluded demo solving program apd.exe
or run the full version ap.exe from the hard disk / USB-stick (Aly-USB) / memory card (Aly-SD).

See the instructions file ReadThis.txt on the CD/DVD. Below is the copy of it:

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE NTFSBOOT-CD        File ReadThis.txt    2011-11-11

Copying and delivering of this NTFSBOOT-CD is allowed to anybody (freeware).

The image file NTFSBOOT.ISO of this CD will be available in the Homepage
for Alybadix. You can download it there and burn it on a blank CD/DVD using
a proper burning program as Nero or Windows inbuilt burning program.

The main purpose of this CD is easy booting to DOS and running Alybadix
chess problem solving program (full version ap.exe or demo version apd.exe)
under DOS instead of Windows. This is useful, if your system does not
support booting to DOS from USB-stick (as Aly-USB)!

a) Under Windows (32 bit versions only)

-This CD includes Alybadix Demo solving program 2010 (apd.exe)
 in the folder APDEMO.
-Open the folder APDEMO and run the solving program apd.exe.
-There are many short example problems, which you can solve quickly.
-Also you can copy the APDEMO folder to your computer´s
 hard disk for easier using.

b) DOS boot

-Boot your computer to DOS with the help of this CD.
-There will be some instructions how to proceed
 (there is one question - answer ´yes´ for it).
-Finally the following menu is seen:


menu = This menu.
a   = Alybadix installing info (drives a,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l).
r   = Run Alybadix demo solving program (apd.exe) from this NTFSBOOT-CD,
      folder APDEMO (path a:\apdemo\apd.exe).
r c = Run Alybadix solving program (ap.exe) from drive C (path c:\aly\ap.exe).
r d = Run Alybadix solving program (ap.exe) from drive D (path d:\aly\ap.exe).
      etc... (r e , r f , r g , ...).
dir /p  = Show the files and folders of this CD.
keyb xx = Set keyboard configuration, where xx is the language code:
be=Belgium, br=Brazil, cz=Czech, dk=Denmark, su=Finland, fr=France,
gr=Germany, hu=Hungary, it=Italy, la=Latin America, nl=Netherlands, no=Norway,
pl=Poland, po=Portugal, sp=Spain, sv=Sweden, uk=England, us=USA, yu=Yugoslavia

Obs.-Possibly all NTFS/FAT-formatted disk partitions are not found!
    -Do not run Alybase (ab.exe) under this system. The computer may hang!
    -You can also go to any proper folder and run programs using DOS-commands,
     for instance run Alybadix solving program (ap.exe) from
     the hard disk M, folder ALY:
 cd aly   (or cd m:\aly)


-At first hit A to see the drives where Alybadix is installed in.
-The command R runs the included Alybadix demo solving program APD.EXE.
-If you have the full version of Alybadix (ap.exe) installed on the disk
 drive partition C, folder ALY, enter command R C to run it.
-Under DOS Alybadix can utilize about max 4000 MB (megabytes) for
 the position tree (hash table) and solving is quicker than under Windows.
-This booting method is able to utilize modern NTFS-formatted hard disks
 and old FAT-formatted hard disks. Also external USB-disks, USB-sticks and
 memory cards are supported. However, it is possible that all hard disk
 partitions are not found.
-Possibly saving files (as Alybadix solutions) on NTFS-formatted hard disks
 does not work (the computer may hang). In case try saving on FAT-formatted
 hard disks or external USB-disks or USB-sticks or memory cards!

Under Windows it is easy to make new FAT/NTFS-formatted hard disk
partitions as follows:
Computer-> Hit mouse right button-> Manage-> Disk Management.
If free space, select New volume. If not free space, select Shrink volume for
making free space etc.